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Captain Green - Lyra - founder of On Watch Sailing

Discover Newport and the surrounding area with Captain Green. Whether in search of a lazy sail, historic tour information, stunning photography, or advanced sailing instruction, Green will make sure that you get the most out of your experience. With a perfect safety record and a lifetime of sailing experience, you and your party will be in safe hands. Green is also a writer for marine publications such as Cruising World magazine.

Captain Green has been sailing the waters in and around Newport, RI, since 2005. Since then, he has professionally sailed a variety of vessels, both for charter and private. He has sailed across the Atlantic ocean, between Newport and the Caribbean - and portions of the Pacific side of Central America.

Green grew up living aboard a 29-foot wooden boat with his parents and brother along the East Coast of the USA. He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Central FL and was deep in the Information Systems world when he and his wife, Jen, decided to puchase an old 32-foot sailboat. After restoring Egret, they cruised the boat from Florida through the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic. They had so much fun that they purchased Lyra in 2008 with the eventual goal of sharing their experiences with their family.

Indeed, leaving in the autumns of 2013 and 2016, Green, Jen and two daughters sailed south to do exactly that, eventually ending up in the Bahamas, returning to Newport for the summer sailing season.

Currently Communications Manager at Sailors for the Sea, Green's wife Jen was Senior Editor at Cruising World magazine for nearly 10 years, where Captain Green is a regular contributor. They have two children and lived aboard full time for nine and one-half years. You can read about their experiences and how-to articles at Cruising World's website by searching for Green Brett or Jen Brett.

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Captain Sam - Wren

Sam has sailed in Newport in a professional capacity since 2017. He decided to move from captaining larger vessels to his own when he aquired Wren in Febraury of 2021. Sam and Wren had a fantastic 2021 season and is back for more!

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Captain Cat - Lyra

Cat has sailed extensively in the Pacific, the Carribean and the East Coast of the US. She joined On Watch in 2021. Ask her about her travels!

On Watch, LLC - since 2011

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On Watch Sailing was founded in order to bring the joys of sailing and being on the water to you. We respect your privacy at all times and will never share your personal information without your permission, although a good photo may go to the website unless you ask us not to post. As a small business, your enjoyment and general safety is our greatest goal. We pride ourselves on being flexible, from routing needs to special pickup locations. We will adapt our sailing trip or charter to your requirements!

Both Lyra and Wren can accomodate up to 6 passengers, from 1.5-hour to full-day charters. Feel free to bring your own music, some light snacks, and a tasty beverage (no hard alcohol please!). Options include sailing, tours, general relaxation, and (on the longer trips) swimming and anchoring.

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