Places to eat in Newport RI

On Watch Suggestions... And why we like them.

There are so many amazing places to eat in Newport. Here are a few of our favorites, along with with why we like to go there. While tailored to our sailing guests, this should be useful to just about anybody visting our lovely city by the sea.

The Corner Cafe | 110 Broadway | 401-846-0606 - This is our favorite Newport breakfast, but be aware that there is often a long line down the sidewalk. The excellent food at reasonable prices is well worth the wait.

Cru Cafe | 1 Casino Terrace (Bellevue) | 401-314-0500 - Cru has excellent breakfast and lunch in an informal setting. The Bellevue Burrito is a delicious and filling goto for Captain Green when he's looking for coffee and a meal.

Peaceable Market | 520 Thames | 401-846-0036 - does not deliver but makes excellent boat lunches and breakfast sandwiches. About a 15 minute walk from Oldport.

Benjamin's | 254 Thames St | 401-846-8768 - Near Bowen's and Bannister's, Benjamin's is a long time favorite. Portions are hearty and breakfast, lunch and dinner are all good. From a burger to fresh seafood or a prime rib, there's something for everyone. Clothing can be casual, and if you happen to be in town on a Tuesday, stop by for the shellfish specials.

Sardella's Italian Restaurant | 30 Memorial Blvd W | 401-846-8768 - A reasonable 10 minute walk up the hill from the Wharf area, there's good Italian food to be had here. Monday - Wednesday has a great dinner for two special that can be ordered with or without wine (the pizza and breaded pork loin are our choices). The regular menu is a little more pricey, but yummy!

Yagi Noodles | 580 Thames Street | (401) 324-5669 - Authenic Japense noodle restaurant. Indoor and outdoor seating and seriously delicious! Vegetarian options.

Bar 'Cino | 22 Washington Square | 401.619.8201 - Hip Italian restaurant with fabulous pizza, veggeie options. Sidewalk, indoor and takeout.

La Vecina Taqueria | 24 Washington Square | 401-324-5160 - Fabulous Mexican takeout with dine in coming soon, we love the Mezcla 6 taco combo. Portions are on the small side.

Castle Hill | 590 Ocean Drive | 401-849-3800 - While you'll need wheels to get here, this is a first class experience. Food, service, drinks and view are all outstanding. Don't miss the Adirondack chairs are on the lawn. You can even throw a wave at Lyra as we sail by!

22 Bowen's | 22 Bowens Wharf | 401-841-8884 - Particularly known for their fine wines and beef, 22 Bowen's is excellent. If you aren't dressed up, you can also stop by their outdoor bar area and watch the schooners come and go while you sip on a tasty drink.

Midtown Oyster Bar | 345 Thames St | 401-619-4100 - Our favorite oysters on the half shell are here. Plus they do good things with their main dishes. Stop in for a drink and oysters, or have a proper dinner.

The Mooring Restaurant | 1 Sayers Wharf | 401-846-2260 - Literally steps away from On Watch's pickup and drop off point at Oldport Marine, this is a delicious and convenient option for lunch or dinner.

StoneAcre Brasserie | 28 Washington Square | 401-619-7810 - Next door to Bar 'Cino, StoneAcre has an excellent bruch and a wide variety of excelent food. Gluten free and veggie options, street, inside and takeout.

Frosty Freez | 496 E Main Rd, Middletown | 401-846-1697 - A bit out of town, you'll need wheels to reach this Rhody institution. There's nothing that says summer like a chilled treat from here. Lick on an inexpensive and delicious soft serve cone and take in the local flavor.

Atlantic Grill | 91 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown | 401-849-4440 - A short car trip away from Newport, the Atlantic Grill is known for their breakfasts. It's a big place, so don't let the line out the door worry you, it tends to move right along. Captain Green always has a difficult time deciding between the Second Beach or the Belgian Waffle!

Ida's Italian | 21 Valley Rd, Middletown | 401-849-3377 - Well worth the drive, Ida's is laid back and has some of the best Italian food in the area. The hand made pasta is delicious!

Clementine's Homemade Ice Cream | 62 Wave Ave, MIddletown | 401-324-5840 - In our opinion, Clementine's has the very best ice cream in the area. Perfect after a day at the beach or on the water!

Le Bec Sucre | 696 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown | 401-662-0448 - Absolulty fabulous French croissants and baked goods. Be early, there will be a line and they sell out every day. Literally thousands of guaranteed bonus points with your significant other if you wake them up with these goodies!

Slice of Heaven | 32 Narragansett Ave #1166, Jamestown | 401-423-9866 - Excellent breakfast all day, we love to takeout a croissant egg sandwich and eat it a Beavertail State Park. Inside, sidewalk and takeout.

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