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Date and Time

What to expect

While every trip is unique and can be affected by time of year and weather systems, we often see typical conditions that vary by the time of day. Both of our boats are designed to sail the world's oceans and will provide a safe and fun experience.

Pick the time of day…

The morning trip may be a more sedate experience as the breeze is often light in these hours. You are encouraged to bring a light brunch.

Afternoon Sail

Join us for one of our most popular sails, a trip through Newport Harbor and around Narragansett Bay. You may also see such landmarks as Hammersmith Farm, Castle Hill, Clingstone and more. We may see super yachts or a regatta.

Sunset Sail

The final Sail of the Day
The best way to end the day and start your evening is by watching the sun dip below Jamestown. This trip often starts with great sailing and transitions into to more relaxed mode as Newport's famous sea breeze drops off with the ending of the day. Bring your camera, some of our best photos have come from this sail.

NOTE: The sunset sail may be slightly longer or shorter than scheduled, due to sunset times. We come in at sunset.